Together We Can,Together We Will

The utmost belief IME foundation has is that we together will be able to create a sustainable program in education for the children and provide the elementary healthcare to them .

What We Do

IME Foundation is dedicated to innovative quick responsive programs for disaster resilience community. IME foundation thrives to take part in various social activities in association with governmental and non-governmental organizations. IME foundation supports economically deprived family by enlightening children with education. IME foundation also facilitates beneficiaries with elementary healthcare and sanitation programs.

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IME firmly believes that every child has a right towards quality education for a sustainable future.

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Health & Sports

We are actively involved in health camps, blood donation and other check up events in local communities.

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IME believes in outreaching into communities and empowering them with resources by engaging proactively in social welfare activities across communities aimed at improving life standard of the local dwellers

Difference We Made

They Say ” to create a magic, you have to first believe in it. ” Likewise, to bring difference in the society , we are joining hands to provide light of education to the deprived children and facilitate them with elementary healthcare, specially in remote areas. we simply believe in creating the difference by implementing it.

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Students Sponsored


School Sponsored


Students Educated



Words from our Children

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Sitaram Rokaya, Age 13
What I Like about IME Foundation is that I have caring parents now. IME foundation takes care of each one of us very well. I am thankful and I appreciate that IME foundation has been providing me with all the basic requirements a 13 year old kid could ask for. I am getting a good education here. IME Foundation has also been helping me to acquire my dream to be a great singer in near future.
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Pramila Sarki, Age 7

As I am the only girl child among the fifteen children supported by IME foundation, I feel special and I am grateful to IME foundation for providing me along with my two brothers a chance to improve our livelihood through proper education. I have been nurtured and cared by IME foundation. I know I am in safe hands when I am under the shelter of IME Foundation.

Words from Chairman
Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal

With an aphorism of “No Children without Education” , IME Foundation started off at it’s earliest to carry out various philanthropic activities under Company’s CSR Policy. In IME Foundation, we aim to create difference in the lives of people specially by providing elementary healthcare and education. IME foundation ensures the involvement in social activities; enforcing itself to work closely with local community.

Focusing on a quality of life, IME foundation initiates to promote the access of the local community towards quality education. As we are conglomerate of businesses based in Nepal investing in various sectors like banking, remittance, trading, IT, communication, energy, tourism, automobiles, insurance and infotainment ; IME Foundation is a private initiative for public good.

It gives me immense pleasure to share the success stories of the benignant activities carried out by IME group of Companies in different parts of the world. We, as a team welcomes all of you to be a part of our incredible journey. We simply are a group of many hands and one mind.

Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal

Recent News And Updates

आइएमई फाउन्डेसनद्वारा तुलसादेवी हरीहर फाउन्डेसनलाई रु. ५०,०००/- को चेक हस्तान्तरण image

आइएमई फाउन्डेसनद्वारा तुलसादेवी हरीहर फाउन्डेसनलाई रु. ५०,०००/- को चेक हस्तान्तरण

बालबालिका, मानसिक रोगी, वृद्धबृद्वा तथा सडकमा अलपत्र परेका मानिसहरूको उद्वार, उपचार र पुनः स्थापनाका लागि कार्य गर्दै आइरहेको परोपकारी संस्था तुलसादेवी हरीहर फाउन्डेसनलाई संस्था गत सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व अन्तर्गत आइएमई फाउन्डेसनले रू. ५०,०००/- (अक्षेरूपी पचास हजार मात्र) बुधबार पानीपोखरीस्थित आइएमई फाउन्डेसनको केन्द्रीय कार्यालयमा आयोजित एक विशेष कार्यक्रममा हस्तान्तरण गरेको छ ।

IME Foundation donates 10 Lakh for Chhirin Puchhar Trail Bridge at Dhangadi image

IME Foundation donates 10 Lakh for Chhirin Puchhar Trail Bridge at Dhangadi

आइएमई ग्रुपको संस्थागत सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व अन्तरगत आइएमई फाउन्डेसनले धादिङ स्थित निलकण्ठ नगरपालिका वडा नम्बर १० र २ जोड्ने थोपल खोलामा निर्माणाधीन झोलुङ्गे पुलको सहयोगार्थ रू. १० लाख आर्थिक सहयोग प्रदान गरेको छ ।

आइएमई फाउन्डेसनद्वारा शुक्रराज हस्पिटललाई अक्सिजन प्लान्ट हस्तान्तरण image

आइएमई फाउन्डेसनद्वारा शुक्रराज हस्पिटललाई अक्सिजन प्लान्ट हस्तान्तरण

काठमाडौं, असार १३ । आइएमई फाउन्डेसनले शुक्रराज सरुवा रोग अस्पताललाई अक्सिजन उत्पादन प्लान्ट स्थापनाका लागि उपकरण हस्तान्तरण गरेको छ ।

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