Anil Budha

Grade5 | Mahendra Bhawan

Mr. Anil Budha and his Parents namely Jog Bahadur Budha and Pankali Budha is also a victim of the devastated earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015. Being taken to Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary Boarding School, He is very active in extra curricular activities. Basketball , Football, Carrom Board etc are some of his favorites he shows keen interest on and he wants to study well to get a bright future. He always says he wants to join army when he grows up.

Born in an under privileged family background, Anil is a very dedicated six year old child. He is currently studying in Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School in class one. Competitive in nature, he wants to pursue a bright future where he can be economically fit for him and his family.

Being extremely matured for his age, IME Foundation found Anil to be a very disciplined and aspiring child. IME Foundation under CSR Policy supported him addressing the needs of children like him who found to be in the significant or extreme level of needs.

Ms. Pramita Sarki

Grade2 | Mahendra Bhawan

With big eyes and fierce look, Ms. Pramita Sarki is an alluring child who takes every ones breathe away by only carrying a big smile on her face. Born in an under privileged family background, she is seven years old bright child, she takes care of all her fellow mates in the school. She loves sports and like every girl child, she too is fond of Singing and Dancing. She is medically fit. She wants to pursue doctorate in the future.

She lived with her Father-Medhe Sarki, Mother-Manakali Sarki , her Sister and a Brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a daily wage worker somewhere in her village.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability, so IME Foundation supported her under the CSR Policy. She is the “Only Girl Child” in the group of fifteen to be supported by IME Foundation. The main objective of the Scheme is to give her a better future by providing her a quality education. The project aimed to address the limited understanding about the needs and behaviors of children and young people in out of home care.

Kamal Sarki

Grade 6 | Bal Mandir

Born to Manbire Sarki and Jana Sarki , Kamal Sarki is ten years old kid from kalikot. He has been transferred from Bal Mandir to Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School under the scholarship of IME Foundation.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability, so IME Foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. The main objective of providing Sponsorship to Mr.Kamal is to make him achieve his future goals and provide a healthy homely environment to live.

Prabin B.K

Grade 6 | Bal Mandir

Prabin B.K is a bright student of Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School. He mostly Shows keen interest in sports like Football, Basket Ball. Before residing at Mahendra Bhawan, he used to study in government school in Kalikot.

Before having been taken to Bal Mandir , He lived with his father, mother, uncle, aunty, two brothers and sister-in-law. His mother is a house-wife. His father works in a daily wages basis and his uncle is a teacher in a school in kalikot. He remembers that he used to get calls from his mother when he was in Sifal (Local Child Care Centre) but now he is unaware of his family members status.

IME Foundation supports him because he is from a very deprived family. Giving him a proper education and taking good care of his life style can make him a better influential person in near future.

Satiram Rokaya

Grade2 | Mahendra Bhawan

Born to Father Chandrabir Rokaya and Mother Maiya Rokaya-14 Years Old, Male, Mr. Satiram Rokaya is a sharp and diligent child, supported by IME Foundation with full scholarship at Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School. He is from Durgaun, Dolpa and was on residential care of Bal Mandir. He loves to read and sing , and he is much interested in literature.
Some of his creation has been published in a broadsheet media too. He likes Mathematics and aspires to be a great singer in future. He has interest in sports too, Specially Badminton, Table Tennis and Football.

Satiram belongs to an agricultural based family. He lived with his Parents and two siblings. Satiram and Family were also one of the victim to face the loss and damage occurred from the devastated earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 th April, 2015. Deprived from the better education in his village area, he was taken to Bal Mandir by his elder brother three years ago. He was told he will get a quality education from where he can achieve every dreams he has been weaving till the date of becoming a great mathematician and a good singer.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability. And because of the degradation in the quality education and due to the financial crisis at Satiram’s home, IME foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. He studied in Bal Mandir for 2 years and now from a year he has been studying in Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School under the full scholarship scheme of IME Foundation. The main objective of the support is to give him a better future by providing him a quality education and make his life a happy place to live in.

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