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Mr. Aakash Sarki

Grade 2 | Mahendra Bhawan

Born to Father Jagat Bahadur Sarki and Mother Kamala Sarki, Mr. Aakash Nepal is a glaring kid who shows Interest in sports like basketball and football. He wish to defy gravity; that means he acquires to be a Pilot and aims to get higher than he will ever be.

Aakash is a nine year old kid and was brought to Bal Mandir by his Uncle after his Father’s Suicidal Case. He lived with his Grand Parents, Mother, Uncle and Aunty. His Mother works in an office. While talking to Aakash, it seems he misses his family and specially his grand mother. He is expecting to meet his family members in his Dashain vacation..

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability, so IME Foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. The main objective of providing Sponsorship to Akash is to make him achieve his future goals and provide a healthy homely environment to live.