Executive Committee​

Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal

Chairman | IME Foundation

Mr. Dhakal is a first generation serial entrepreneur of Nepal. He co-founded the IME Conglomerate and played a pivotal role in institutionalizing the remittance business in Nepal. He had the vision to globalize the remittance services and expand the business in South Asia. This was in order to help the millions of migrants in the Middle East and Malaysia to send remittances home in the most efficient and cost effective way. Remittances in Nepal have contributed to alleviating the poverty in the country and are approximately a quarter of the national GDP of Nepal.

The IME Conglomerate consists of a number of companies with business interests in banking, remittance, trading, IT, communications, energy, tourism, automobiles, insurance and infotainment and together has generated more than 13,850 jobs (including more than 3,850 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs). Mr. Dhakal took the IME Conglomerate to the global marketplace and established money service institutions in Malaysia, the UK, the USA and Japan and successfully completed the merger & acquisition of a few companies that are listed in the NASDAQ Fortune 500 Companies.

It was Mr. Dhakal’s vision that contributed to evolving the family business into a corporate one where his team members now align with the group’s slogan Pioneering Spirit, the driving force of the team. His vision is to empower the youth by creating opportunities for them and making them the owners of the group. His team members not only work for the company, but also own it. The IME Conglomerate is promoting social entrepreneurship and has already announced startup funds to explore the business potential of Nepal and create opportunities for youth. In 2009, he co-founded the IME Foundation that conducts philanthropic activities. The IME Foundation has been building schools and it also has a tie up with the Nepal Children’s Organization “Bal Mandir” to provide full-fledged scholarships to Orphan children, many of whom have been granted scholarships and have been enrolled in schools through the IME Foundation.

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