Executive Committee​

Mrs. Anjali Aryal Dhakal

Member Secretary- IME Foundation

Residing at Dhapasi-9, Mrs Anjali Aryal Dhakal is a social activist devoted to promoting literacy and education among girls. Chairperson of My Mart (renowned departmental store) and member secretary of IME Foundation, Mrs. Dhakal holds double masters degree in sociology and in business studies.

A successful Entrepreneur, assiduous and a quick decision maker, Mrs Dhakal’s ambitious goal is “No children without education”. She is a determinant social worker who is inclined to provide quality education to children specially from remote areas and to provide education to the vulnerable children of a single parent.

She aspires to see the deprived children achieve their dreams and stand out in their life as much as any ordinary children would do. She has also indulged herself into providing equal opportunities in terms of sports by organizing various sports competition that empowers young children as well as youth in general.

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