Yamraj Shahi

Grade 6 | Mahendra Bhawan

Interested in Basketball, Football, Table Tennis; His ambition is to be a Police Officer. When asked about why would you leave your home and come here? he simply smiled and said ” To get a good education and improve our living standard”. He didn’t attend any school in his village and was directly admitted to class U.K.G just because of his age constraint.

He has been residing with his Father, Sister ,Brother, Uncle, and Aunty till he came to Bal Mandir with his Uncle. Mahendra Shahi is his elder brother who is also a child supported by IME Foundation. Just because he has not been provided the proper education and good living standard at his home, he is slight different from any other children supported by IME Foundation. He is trying his best to adapt in the environment provided by Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School.

Deprived economically and financially both, IME Foundation is in reinforcement to support the ones in need to provide a better platform for every child. Due to his vulnerable condition , IME Foundation aims to support his further studies and takes responsibility to make him a sincere and dedicated child.

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