Satiram Rokaya

Grade2 | Mahendra Bhawan

Born to Father Chandrabir Rokaya and Mother Maiya Rokaya-14 Years Old, Male, Mr. Satiram Rokaya is a sharp and diligent child, supported by IME Foundation with full scholarship at Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School. He is from Durgaun, Dolpa and was on residential care of Bal Mandir. He loves to read and sing , and he is much interested in literature.
Some of his creation has been published in a broadsheet media too. He likes Mathematics and aspires to be a great singer in future. He has interest in sports too, Specially Badminton, Table Tennis and Football.

Satiram belongs to an agricultural based family. He lived with his Parents and two siblings. Satiram and Family were also one of the victim to face the loss and damage occurred from the devastated earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 th April, 2015. Deprived from the better education in his village area, he was taken to Bal Mandir by his elder brother three years ago. He was told he will get a quality education from where he can achieve every dreams he has been weaving till the date of becoming a great mathematician and a good singer.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability. And because of the degradation in the quality education and due to the financial crisis at Satiram’s home, IME foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. He studied in Bal Mandir for 2 years and now from a year he has been studying in Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School under the full scholarship scheme of IME Foundation. The main objective of the support is to give him a better future by providing him a quality education and make his life a happy place to live in.

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