Raj Bahadur Shahi

Grade 6 | Mahendra Bhawan

Shows keen interest in football, table tennis, volleyball, and specially in Karate. His Ambition is to be a doctor. When asked about what he wants to tell IME Foundation, He smiles and expressed heartfelt thanks to IME Foundation as IME has given him a chance to study and he also thanked Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary Boarding School for providing him quality education and a home out of home too.

Raj Bahadur Shahi and his Family is also a earthquake victim that occurs in April 25th. He used to live with his Father, Mother, Elder Sister and Older Sister. He came to Bal mandir with the help of his brother Man Bahadur Shahi.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability, IME Foundation under CSR Policy supported him addressing the needs of children like him who found to be in the significant or extreme level of needs.

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