Rabindra Lama (Birendra)

Grade 6 | Mahendra Bhawan

Born in an underprivileged family background, Rabindra Lama also known as Birendra is an eleven years old enthusiastic young child whose ambition is to become a Doctor in near future. He Like Sports specially basketball, volleyball, carrom board.

Rabindra have had a critical heart operation when he was a little kid. Because of the constraints of medication for the lifetime required, Rabindra has certain restrictions to take part in extra curricular activities. After been taken to Bal Mandir, all the medication cost and his regular appointments with cardiologist is done by Bal Mandir itself.

Because of his critical health condition and the needs required for him to complete his academics, IME Foundation under CSR Policy supported him addressing the needs of children like him who found to be in the significant or extreme level of needs.

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