Prabin B.K

Grade 6 | Bal Mandir

Prabin B.K is a bright student of Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School. He mostly Shows keen interest in sports like Football, Basket Ball. Before residing at Mahendra Bhawan, he used to study in government school in Kalikot.

Before having been taken to Bal Mandir , He lived with his father, mother, uncle, aunty, two brothers and sister-in-law. His mother is a house-wife. His father works in a daily wages basis and his uncle is a teacher in a school in kalikot. He remembers that he used to get calls from his mother when he was in Sifal (Local Child Care Centre) but now he is unaware of his family members status.

IME Foundation supports him because he is from a very deprived family. Giving him a proper education and taking good care of his life style can make him a better influential person in near future.

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