Muskan Katayat (Dipendra)

Grade3 | Mahendra Bhawan

Dipendra Kathayat also known as Muskan is a bright child from Jumla. He loves to study as well as play sports like Basketball, Football, Carrom Board etc. He is a smart child having keen interest on becoming an army officer when he grows up.

Born in a underprivileged family in Jumla, Muskan is brought to Bal Mandir with the help of his relative. He is now under the shelter of Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School and currently studying in class one in the respective school. He wishes to study hard and earn lots of money for his future.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of Talent and Capability, so IME Foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. The Main Objective of the scheme is to give him a better future by providing him a quality education. The project aimed to address the limited understanding about the needs and behaviors of children and young people in out of home care.

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