Mahendra Shahi

Grade 6 | Mahendra Bhawan

Born in an underprivileged family background, Mahendra is a sporty kid who shows keen Interest in Basketball, Carrom board and other extra curricular activities. Headway English is his favorite subject. His ambition is to be a doctor and help the needy people in future.

Mahendra is an eleven years old smart kid from Jajarkot. He resided in a large family with his father and his two brothers, aunty and Sister. His mother expired when he was a little kid so he could barely remember her face. His Uncle took him to Bal Mandir a year back and now he is in shelter under Mahendra Bhawan Secondary Boarding School.

IME Foundation is in reinforcement of talent and capability, so IME Foundation supported him under the CSR Policy. The main objective of providing Sponsorship to Mahendra is to make him achieve his future goals and provide a healthy homely environment to live.

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